About us

The original scope of Essebi, founded in 1995, was to make its name on the market through operating flexibility and the manufacture of quality products, ingredients that laid the foundations for rapid development and constant growth on the market.

The company has always pursued continuous improvement advantageous to all our workforce and associates, as well as to all those who choose Essebi products.


Right from the start Essebi distinguished itself for its careful attention to the new needs of its customers.

Our inclination for continuous research and development is aimed at guaranteeing high standards of quality in our products.

We aim to propose solutions that reflect the way all end users of our products perceive their kitchens, never neglecting the best quality/price/service ratio.

100% made in italy

We produce our kitchen furniture in the province of Treviso, at Cison di Valmarino, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”.

We are in the heart of the Prosecco hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For us, the Made in Italy label is identification, culture, knowledge and ability to produce projects synonymous with the beauty and tradition of our territory.

Innovation 4.0

For some years the company has been focussing on innovation, which has led to the purchase of a series of NCN machines to perform a series of jobs.

This provides constant information exchange between production and administration, so that work in progress on products ordered by our customers is monitored in real time.

Green spirit

We know that all human activity, including ours, leaves its footprint on the territory and environment.

Because we live in the place where we produce, we are sensitive to ecological issues.

Attention to reducing our carbon footprint, care in selecting recyclable materials, our aim not to use virgin wood, and our choice of self-produced energy from renewable sources are the principles behind the company’s development policies.