Protect the environment

“Let’s treat well the earth on which we live: it was not donated by our fathers, but we borrowed it from our children.”

The Ecological chipboard V70 panel enhances creativity, aesthetics and harmony, giving back all the warmth and elegance of wood while protecting the environment.

Pannello tipo P2 (EN 312), Prodotto Italiano
Certiquality UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 – Sistema qualità
Fsc N° Cert: FSC-CQ-COC- 000001 – 100 % Recycled

In the production process of lacquered doors the solvents used are eliminated by the combustors to emit only clean air into the atmosphere. In addition, the raw material comes from certified forests, guaranteed by the "chain of custody". E1 formaldehyde emissions in accordance with the test method EN 120.

For the finishing of the veneered doors urea liquid or powder glues are used wiht low formaldehyde content (EN 120, Class E1, EN 717-2). For edging chipboard panels glues are based EVA (UNI 9242).